User posts Daniel Klepel
09 June 2016 23:23
Hi @ll,

I want to use a baked world-normal-map of an object as a vector source for an environment-map (shader-node-material).
Is there an example of how to convert the texture node output (value range rgb 0..1) to a well formed directional vector (xyz -1..+1)?

Saludos, Daniel.
24 December 2015 02:51
Hi @ll,
hello Kirill,

Nice to see the WebVR support in 15.12.
I would like, apart the VR support and anaglyph-mode, enquire/suggest/ask for/ also another stereoscopic viewing method:
The 'cross-eyed'-viewing method (for watching stereo images on non-mobile-display-sizes, e.g. iPad/minis),
and the parallel/wall-eyed-viewing method (for watching stereo images on small display sizes, e.g. iPhones).

This would be a very nice addtition. Quite a few people get managed to see cross-eyed or parallel-eyed stereo images, and it wouldn't require any additional 'hardware'-effort like HMDs or colored glasses to have around.

It would be nice if those viewing modes would be accessible on mobile browsers without WebVR-support (perhaps possible because no need for lens-distortion-correction, nor lens-color-aberration-correction?). Would that be possible?

Any intentions to go into that direction?

Would be happy to hear what do you think, Kirill?

Cheers, Daniel