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15 March 2016 16:35
Best way load multiple json file in same canvas_container:

this is a method (not good)

    function load() {        
        m_data.load("assets/obj/first.json", load_cb);

    function load_cb(data_id) {
        m_data.load("assets/obj/sec.json", secload_cb);
        m_data.load("assets/obj/thi.json", thicload_cb);

all json file 3Dobjects can be show in canvas , but if you use

m_scs.get_object_by_name("first.json > 3Dobjects name "); // ok

m_scs.get_object_by_name("sec.json > 3Dobjects name "); // nothing

I guess 3Dobjects in difference scene , default is first.json scene .

how get sec.json > 3Dobjects or thi.json > 3Dobjects

if load multiple json file in same canvas_container , what is the best way?
thanks ++

24 February 2016 13:48
yes i read the API doc ,
but i Don't understand StiffViewportPositioning type and how set it!
need a demo to help me , plz !

Thanks again!

24 February 2016 11:36
i want use append_stiff_viewport(obj, camobj, positioning) to realization view ctrl

like Autodesk viewCube; then do this:

var mainCam = m_scs.get_active_camera();
var Cube = m_scs.get_object_by_name("Cube");
m_cons.append_stiff_viewport(Cube, mainCam, [32,0,32,0,10,0,1920,1080]);

brower console ERROR:
b4w.min.js:330 B4W ERROR: append_stiff_viewport: Wrong positioning params

how to use StiffViewportPositioning params.
Or there are other better ways to do this Like Autodesk ViewCube

thanks advance!
31 January 2016 06:26
I think this feature is significant, it can greatly reduce data on the same object

I noticed:
Set_rotation_euler_rel (obj, x, y, z)
Set_translation (obj, x, y, z)
Set_scale (obj, scale)

i there a way realization Set_scale (obj, -1,1,1) to mirror an object
20 November 2015 06:53
The problem is still not solved, I don't know how to use users to do it fake。
I aready attached my source file , need help me fix it thanks a lot!
13 November 2015 19:52
I'm sorry, I didn't express it clearly.
I mean:
When I press the onoff button (as the switch lights), the ONOFF pointer of the instrument panel will make the appropriate action.
13 November 2015 15:19
I use logic editor onoff to play animation ,but not run ,According to the analysis, should be able to run, do not know what the problem,I test many times.

The Screen:

The Node:

The Blender File:
DLD the blender file,click 下载(853KB) to Download

How fix it ,PLZ help me, Thanks B4W Term!

13 September 2015 15:13
how contrl myvideo position relative cancas thanks!
09 September 2015 17:58
thanks work fine
09 September 2015 14:04
here is my blender file