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24 January 2015 22:00
Ok Yuri for this message.
Ok cool if it works. Thank you Yuri
Is not for a game just a sculpture

I give up the ligth parented to the camera because when i zoom on the object, the lights follow the Z axe's camera.and the light is over the 3d model. On blender i have parented the lights to a cube & add a copy rotation on a cube and parent this cube to the camera but blend4web dont understand constraints i seem.
If you have a good way to move camera with the lights I'll be very happy to learn it.
24 January 2015 20:57
thank you a lot Mikhail

I do your method > this work very well.
I update the model.
24 January 2015 20:02
Hello Yuri

I have update the 3D model json export, is it ok now ?
When i parent light to camera with ctrl + p > object and i export blend4web model to json i have this error

24 January 2015 16:18

First thank to the team for blend4web. It is awesome !
My name is Damien and I'm blending since 6 years.

This is my first test with blend4web model

The 3D link
Necromancer with her boar

To improve this i'm searching how to move light with the camera ?

Hope you like it