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30 September 2016 13:56
Ive set up my "gui" slider controls in one js file and the object/transform etc logic in another js file.

Both have been src in the html file. But when i call a logic function from my slider_changed(e) it says the logic function isnt not sure if its a blend4web thing or my js skills is just a bit noob. I figured you just need to set them in html (both are in same directory)??

Any ideas on how to use multiple js files with blend4web?
24 September 2016 07:00
SOLVED: ok figured it out that you need to run from WITHIN blender under the Development Server section, under camera icon tab. I know that might sound self explanatory to some people but not to me and maybe not to others :) thought the manager stuff was separate.

Original Question:
Trying to use Project Manager. After clicking on project manager it gives error

that its looking for file at /project/


btw there is no Project folder in my download, at top level.

Another newbie question re Project Manager. am i supposed to compile something, just saw makefile there. Documentation says:

"The Project Manager app can be run from the Tools section of the SDK’s index page. Upon launching, the app outputs a list of all current projects in the SDK."

I assumed that just means run the index.html file. But after clicking on Project Manager it gives error above. Im trying to create a new Project