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15 May 2016 15:52

How can I increase the collision accuracy?
In the image you can see, that i can drive into the bar, only when i drive a little further the wheel jumps on the bar- I tried bounding boxes with margins in physics and material.. nothing helps.

And when i am fast enough, im driving right through the bars.

07 May 2016 19:08
Playing around with some functions.

Eagle logic was mad with internal B4W Node Editor.


14 March 2016 20:13
Thanks for the fast reply.

I adapted your example, but I have a problem with the quaternions.

By pressing a specific key the arm should turn around z-axis for one small amount, so that by holding the key it continuously rotating around z.

How do I calculate a single step only for z -axis based on the TSR of an armature bone?

Right now i try this:
var rig = m_scenes.get_object_by_name("Armature");
var temptsr = base_tsr;
var qtemp = m_quat.fromValues(base_tsr[4],base_tsr[5],base_tsr[6],base_tsr[7]);
m_quat.rotateZ(qtemp,Math.PI/180, qtemp);
m_armat.set_bone_tsr_rel(rig, "Bone.Base",temptsr);

Which leads to this:
13 March 2016 14:47
Hi community.

I can control my little robot arm with the keyboard to rotate the arms around.

I do the rotation with the api when the key is pressed, e.g.:

Im struggeling around with limiting the rotation, so the arms don't move through each other. Any idea?

rotQuat = m_transform.get_rotation(m_scenes.get_object_by_name("Robot.A2"));
quatString = m_quat.str(rotQuat);

Above i get the quaternion, but don't know how to check this for reaching limits.