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15 February 2016 11:00

I see the possibility in blender for each object to set a group.
Is-it possible to select in javascript such a group?
For example a group with object1,object2,object3,object4,object5.
In my dev, i toggle visibility of several objects.
With several object–>Several lines…..

Any Possibility to toggle by group?
10 February 2016 12:06
it was a cache bug, can be closed
10 February 2016 11:09

With your help, i was able to dynamic load another json in my scene.
The problem in this new json i have several mesh that i dont want to merge.

When it loads the json, the position of all meshes is messed up.
I mean they are all loaded in the position i decide to load the json.

I dont know if it's understandable with my bad english….

What is the best way to achieve this?
09 February 2016 18:03
i don't know why but i was looking in API doc. Your link's perfect
09 February 2016 17:27
you save my day. thanks.
09 February 2016 17:08

I'm trying to copy object in a scene, but can't make it work…..
I've got an object , and do….

var obj2= m_scenes.get_object_by_name("newNameObject2");
moveYObject(obj2,0.5); // custom function to move object in Y axis

Any idea????

02 February 2016 17:08
i think it's chrome related (chrome 48.0), everything working well on firefox
02 February 2016 17:07
02 February 2016 16:49

It's me, again……

I have a problem in my project.
In the fast preview everything is fine.
I export it in json & html , it was working fine, i did some modifications and now i have Webgl erros….And a curious image.

Any idea?

28 January 2016 19:08
thanks again…

I think for you it's quite boring answering question that are not B4W related, but as the render used is yours, sometimes i don't know if the problem is blender related or b4w related.

Apologize and thanks for the support