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28 August 2017 17:32
Reply to post of user Konstantin Khomyakov
Thanks for the report!

This is really a bug which appears because export options "Export Vertex Animation" and "Apply Modifiers" are mutually exclusive. We'll try to fix this issue
No problem ,Good luck.
you all did an amazing work with blend4web
28 August 2017 14:15
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So you already had the subsurf modifier and you just hit the 'Apply' button?
Glad it was and easy fix.
Yes,I just hit apply button and the error got fixed ,thanks for are your help
28 August 2017 03:42
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Ok, I am getting the problem you describe.
This error repeats continually in the console:

B4W ERROR: missing data for "a_tbn_next" attribute Tes.html:325:577
uncaught exception: engine panic:
The engine tried to perform an invalid operation and halted.
Please copy the console contents above and submit it to the Blend4Web forum at (unknown)
B4W ERROR: missing data for "a_tbn_next" attribute Tes.html:325:577

We will need to wait for one of the developers to explore this issue.
I can confirm the problem lies with the baked animation. The project loads when this is removed.
Hello , while i was waiting for the help, i was playing around with the object and decided to apply the subsurf modifier and see what will happen and then magically for some reason the simulation start working .
26 August 2017 13:28
ok,thank you .
26 August 2017 02:06
i packed everything here it is ,I really appreciate your help and effort ,Thanks.
25 August 2017 16:36
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Well, that narrows it down. The bake animation is huge and it loads fine without it.
Are you able to replicate the problem with smaller bake animations?
Any console errors showing up?
I baked only 15 frames and it still give me this error

25 August 2017 12:35
No ,when i remove vertex animation it loads fine too.with the textures and all.
24 August 2017 21:36
anyone ?
24 August 2017 15:01
here it is
24 August 2017 14:51
I removed the bake of animation but it still have the vertex animation ,because with animation baked it was 308mb ,without
the bake is 3.8mb