User posts matin
06 June 2019 21:50

I'm trying to upload HTML export of my project on my personal website, but it just won't load when i want to look at it in the browser. After some time of loading there is just a blank page. In the browser console i found an error called:

"Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of favicon.ico:1
404 (Not Found)".

Is there anything else that i should upload to make this work ?
Thanks for help
18 April 2019 14:06
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve the similar problem. I want to open url on the new tab after clicking on the object by using combination of nodes and JS Callback. So far a wasn't succesfull. Could someone please look into my test project ? I'm quite a newbie to javascript so i'm not sure what's wrong.

Thank you