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30 October 2017 00:41
Hi Blend4web staff.
I was trying the latest release candidate and I found what to me seems a bug.
I have attached a test project. Using logic nodes I created a node to be run with javascript ( api command run_entrypoint) . The first time it runs ok, the second it produces an error which you can see in firefox/chrome/safari debugger and the scene get stuck. With the previous releases it worked fine.
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04 May 2017 11:45
Hi Ivan. Thank you for the reply. I should have posted in the newbie questions.
I didn't know about it. I disabled the frustum culling and now everythings perfect.
Thank you again.
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04 May 2017 01:40
Hi everybody,
I've attached a blend file with a simple animation and weird results. I don't know if it's a bug or I am missing something in the scene setup. I will try to explain it with my elementary english.
I'm using the last version of blend4web(ce_17_04). Camera clipping is set to 1mm to 100m. All animations are controlled by logic nodes.
There are three cubes red, blue and white.
Clicking the blue cube plays the white cube animation: rotation on X axis
Clicking the red cube plays the blue cube animation + camera animation: position translation on Z axis.
Two strange things happen:
-with the blue cube animation at the end, the blue cube seems clipped. Zooming out I can see it, but zooming near the object it disappears. Oddly if I try to zoom from the top it appears again and I can reach the nearest distance.
-the blue cube after its animation, is no more clickable except from top view position
Thanks in advance
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12 November 2016 14:21
Wow! Congratulations to the winners and participants, especially AngryArticFox. I haven't seen the post in the submission/entry forum so it was a nice surprise. Beautiful job, complete and functional. You are a 360° artist. Your standard of visualization is a model to follow. I'm starting just now with blender and blend4web and this kind of projects are the level I want to reach.
Congratulations again and congratulations to the b4w team that makes this possible.
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10 November 2016 11:55
Reply to post of user Tamas Prepost
here is your file. In the text editor you find the step by step guide.

My project uses a lot of NLA actions, and you only see the finished result, not the how to… but after you make one, u can study that.

Thank you Tami, very nice and clear explanation. I will immediately jump into testing

n Blender applying the Armature modifier just deforms the mesh according to its pose before applying. The animation doesn't work after that. So, this is not the right way to animate objects. Blend4Web behaves similarly. That's why you shouldn't check the "apply modifiers" flag for animated objects. Also without this flag other modifiers will never be applied during the export because the Armature modifier is a blocker. The solution here is to manually apply other modifiers in Blender.

Thank you Ivan for the clarification. Ok it isn't a big issue after all. It only slows the production process for me as I 'm not an expert. When working with animated characters and modifiers applied, it becomes laborious watching the model correctly in the preview of the b4w web-player. I'm never satisfied with some character joints or polygon deformations of the model during animation. So I apply the modifiers at the end of the world
But I might develop the animation outside b4w engine and at the end, switch it. Doing this you're giving up the possibility to use the webplayer preview and watch the animation progress.
By the way the possibility to click a button in blender and watch immediately the preview on the browser is fantastic.
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09 November 2016 17:12
Hi Tomi,
thank you for the nla advice. I haven't explored it yet and I will watch the video tutorials about nla.
I'm still curious about logic nodes solution or even scripted.

By the way very nice car project you made for the contest. I will look how you did the nla animations.
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08 November 2016 18:42
Now I 'd like to compliment the blend4web staff for making such a great software. It's very intuitive and easy to start to use. Well I'm still struggling with logic nodes and materials but It has a great potential having seen all the stuff posted in the website, wow!!

I've started to learn B4B near a month ago and Blender a little bit before. So, I' m still a noob and there are a lot of things I have to understand. This contest was excuse to try to do something interesting and share it. I will continue the development of the car and share its progress. I try to do all by myself just reading the tutorials and the posts over here, but the result still have bugs.

So I would like to ask some questions about my project:

- I tried to drive the animation of the car doors with the logic nodes with chaotic results, so I decided to do it with the API, disabling the logic nodes: same problem.
Besides, on mobile(tried on Ipad2 and Iphone4) the door doesn't close at all.. This maybe ,because I've generated a f…heavy output file. In the blend file there is still the logic node disabled.
Could someone please check it and tell me the right way of doing it. Most of the times in my attempts the variables get confused. So clicking one door opens the other, clicking the other closes both etc
Using the API I decided to bake some actions and play them with slots. Got the same messy confusion. There is something that I missed somewhere

-I've implemented the vehicle physics. If the car hits the invisible walls, sometimes it turns upside down. How I can reset the position of it. I've tried to disable its physic properties (api:disable_simulation(obj)) and re-enable it with funky results. The module transform doesn't work until the object has physics.

-a strange thing that happens whenever I add an armature to an object. All the modifiers (mirror, subsurf) are not exported any more, at least I check the "apply modifiers" flag in the "export panel" but the armature's animation won't work, or I apply them via blender. That happened to other files I'm working on.

blend(packed-img) zip:

Thanks in advance to everybody
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08 November 2016 17:41
Reply to post of user Pavel Kotov
MAZ-ZILLA please check your source files, in .blends most of the textures are missing. I think the paths are broken. Maybe try making relative paths?

Ok. I've updated the post adding a link to the .blend file with packed images
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07 November 2016 22:27
Ford Mustang gt500 fastback (1967)

Hi everybody!
My first post, my first contest, my second ever car modeled. This contest was a good opportunity to model another one! This is one of my favourite cars: Ford Mustang gt500 fastback (1967).
On the control panel (top-right) you can chose to change colors or to drive the car.
Beware, I haven’t managed to reset car position after an accident. So if you turn upside down, refresh the page. So there are still some bugs that I would discuss in another post but I'm satisfied!
Drive carefully :)

html link:
zip file:
blend(packed-img) zip:

for those who have already posted their model , congratulations, very nice job
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