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24 December 2016 04:46
Hi Pavel,

thanks for the help.

I think ill get close to what I'm going for.

Have a Merry Christmas,

23 December 2016 13:08
Hi Pavel

Thanks for the info.

Is there a way I can achieve the effect I'm after in B4W?

Are there plans for there nodes to be added to B4W?

23 December 2016 09:57
HI Konstantin,

Attached is a blend file made in Cycles, it is a sample of what the kind of thing I'm after.

22 December 2016 16:39
Hi all,

I have been trying to use Cycles to create a scene for B4W, one of the main assets in that scene is a Glass Computer Screen, I have had no luck in haveing it show regardless of the lighting I have used.

the Screen has two emitters on both sides eliminating it there is also text with an emission shader but all I get is a black shape.

What am I doing wrong?

22 December 2016 16:30
HI iClemclem,

I don't use Opensim, but I did some research and it looks like you can create assets in Blender for Opensim.

There is some info on that here

My best guess would be that if you can export or save your Opensim files in Collada (.dae) then you can import them into Blender. once in Blender you should be able to use B4W to create either the HTML or JASON file for your website.

Tho you may need to do some work in order to have it show the way you want it to.

19 December 2016 16:14
hi Yuri Kovelenov,

that looks a lot like what I'm going for thanks.

19 December 2016 09:23
HI all,

I am wondering how to have the light cone from a spotlight show in my B4W project.
I have checked the Show Cone box but its not showing the cone in the render.

can this be done and if so how?

Thanks in advance