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11 July 2017 18:27
Is there any way to manipulate VR remote controller to control the 3D objects in VR mode on android smartphones?
The files attached showing my set up. With this setup, I want to use VR remote control that comes with VR Box 2.0.
In this setup, three buttons are parented with camera. Each button upon Click, move the camera to a specified location. I want to perform this in VR mode using VR remote control.

Any ideas and hints will be appreciated.
05 May 2017 16:41
Hi there,

I want to play a stereoscopic video on a plane or on any surface of 3D object. I have .avi file format for both left and right eye perspective. Is it possible to play a stereoscopic video in a video texture.
13 April 2017 20:11
Try "Flip direction of Normals". Your sphere might be projecting the mapped image in the outward direction. So when you look inside the sphere, it will be simply a dark room.
11 April 2017 01:36
@Kirill Osipov
Thanks for your guidance. I have some more question if you could please put some more light on :

1. I made a simple scene with camera type Eye. I exported it in .html format. Then I transfer it to my mobile through USB. When I try to run it, it simply doesn't load it.

2. So, how can I establish a connection with a smartphone, so that I can see that exported .html file simultaneously in my google cardboard as well as in my computer. (so that others can see where I am looking through cardboard).

3. For controlling a 3D object using smartphone Gyroscope, where do I put the code you mentioned with the gyroscope addon. I mean, I exported the blender file to .json and then I used 'app' method to load .json file. With this I also inserted the code of this addon. And in the end, it simply doesn't work .
10 April 2017 23:44
It works with HTC vive. But when you switch to HMD mode, the browser starts flickering and nothing moves in the browser. But you can see your VR scene in Vive headset. You can use the mirror view of HTC-vive to see the VR activity on monitor screen.
24 March 2017 16:00
Hi there,

Is it possible to include a wiki page or a customized html/javascript page to the Anchors.

I put some basic javascript with couple of buttons in Anchors. But I cannot click on the content inside the anchor. It simply closes the tag.
21 March 2017 21:34
How to set up very basic and simple VR app that can be viewed through simple google cardboard. Or this at the moment not possible?
I want to test a simple .json 3D-scene exported by Blend4web. Can someone guide me?

Can we also use our smartphones (gyroscope) to control the camera movements (zoom in/out, rotation, etc) for non VR (normal web based 3D app).
16 March 2017 20:58
Is it possible to transfer "the camera movements by clicking an object in the 3D scene" to the external buttons?

I have a 3D scene with a panel of 3d objects (buttons). I parented these button with camera, so that they will always apear on the screen. The camera movement is done using bled4webNodeTree. Is there any easier way to transfer these NodeTrees to external buttons?

For instance, I attached a snap of my actual NodeTree.