User posts michalmint
02 August 2017 16:12

i have very strange problem. I'm creating a JS player for my scene with some custom controls. I have a few animations based on curves. Unfortunately when I try to run them:

var stronaA = m_scenes.get_object_by_name('Strona1');
m_anim.apply(stronaA, "Strona1_otwarcie");
m_anim.set_behavior(stronaA, m_anim.AB_FINISH_STOP);;

I got an error:
B4W ERROR: No fcurves in action "Strona1_otwarcie"

I have everything configured in the logic editor too. Using logic editor everything works just fine.

Take a look at the demo:

To reproduce the error:
a) click "Load D_PDCF_OT" on the top part of the website to load a proper scene
b) after a) click "OPEN/CLOSE" to replicate the error in the console

You can also click the blue cube to use logic editor (it works just fine).