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21 November 2016 14:17
Okay ! thank you for your reply! I'll have a closer look to that.

Therefore is there any tutorial you can advise me to dive into B4W and code? (or like a startup file on witch it is easy to plug some new little features, functions, classes, etc…)

On my side (Designer background) I started coding with AS3 and that's how I started to understand how to spacialize in 3D with the MrDoob classes which became lately three.js ; Very flex but painful coding wise. And hard to end up with a rich 3D experience.

In the meantime I was already using Blender at that time for modeling/sculpting and build more complex scenes.

And always dreamed about merging both capabilities (code and 3D) from a designer perspective — That explains my extreme interest with B4W. CONGRATS for this html5 exporter. I feel something very strong for the futur here

Now that I see B4W capabilities facing Unity (for example) with some strong advantages I hope it will evolve not only from a gaming functionalities perspective but also for 3D space experiences and interactivity more in general

My last post's question about particle behaviour (called boids or flocking) comes from something I already experienced with lot of success and flexibility into processing(java) environment and that's why I want to share my curiosity with B4W community for further developments.

— Would it be something pertinent to reinforce B4W particle support taking into consideration something like this? (see: And what would be the best way to implement that?

I feel it is a promising approach between already existing Blender particle support and real time interactivity…. But I feel also I really need your Help B4W developpers!
Curious Forever
17 November 2016 23:42

I want to create a particle system witch allows me to get behaviour control of each particule.

to be more precise and for the beginning I would love to get particules within a certain diameter around the mouse area to be attracted to the mouse.

I am just wondering if something like that can be done within the node editor or if I need to continue thinking around the particles system which allows me to use the wind (which seems to be a bit too basic)

last would be doing some code and build a particle emitter from scratch but do not know how to begin that…

Please help!
Curious Forever