User posts mrh85
30 December 2016 16:31
I would like to integrate b4w with node.js development environment. For instance build Angular 2 app and add b4w as dependency. Don't know if there is any support for this provided by b4w?
30 December 2016 15:37
Thanks for your answer. I used workaround 3. Works for me :)
30 December 2016 00:05
I was trying both workarounds without success.

function loaded_cb(data_id) {
        var objs = m_scenes.get_all_objects("ALL", data_id);
        for (var i = 0; i < objs.length; i++) {
            var obj = objs[i];
            if (m_obj.is_mesh(obj)) {

2) See attached screenshot

I have the same result. Perhaps I'm still doing something wrong.
Can you estimate when we can expect bug fix release?
29 December 2016 23:24
I enabled Normal Editor and now it is rendering normally. Thanks!
24 December 2016 15:16
When I add Shape Keys to the object it is rendered differently. I'm attaching two screen shots. One with Shape Keys exported and second without Shape Keys. Objects is blurred when Shape Keys is exported.
How can I enforce standard (sharp) rendering with Shape Keys enabled?
24 December 2016 15:00
When I add Shape Keys I'm unable to select object with pick_object method. Without Shape Keys pick_object method is working correctly.
You can reproduce this bug with morphing code snippet by adding mouse click handler.

function main_canvas_clicked_cb(e) {

        var x = m_mouse.get_coords_x(e);
        var y = m_mouse.get_coords_y(e);

        var localSelectedObj = m_scenes.pick_object(x, y);

pick_object is returning null. I was testing this with few different objects. Please find test blender project.
It is working correctly only with simple cube.

Enabled flags:
Enable Outlining
Outline on Select
Export Shape Keys
Force Dynamic Object
Dynamic Geometry

I was debugging pick_object method and discovered that
m_scenes.pick_color(main_scene, canvas_x, canvas_y)
is returning null. In the pick_color method subs_color_pick.do_render flag is false.