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21 June 2017 10:51
Because 3D website need to load big model data to function, result in high latency.
For 3D website to be prevalent, seem to need loading data from p2p strategy?
18 February 2016 05:55
Thank you for the crystal explanation.
I tried and I got:
Using b4w Engine(15.11)build date: Thu Nov 26 2015 18:58:04 GMT+0800 (CST)
b4w.min.js:321 B4W ERROR: Unknown config property: media_auto_activation
and then I download newest version(16.01), and it works…
16 February 2016 10:51
After load xx.json, a play button shows. If load just one .json file, that's fine, but I need dynamically load dozens xx.json file. After second load_callback, the play button shows again and the screen freeze.
any suggestion?
29 January 2016 06:52
Is constraints Module API can do these things?
Is there any code snippet for referrence?
28 January 2016 13:59
I tried Planetarium demo, and want to change top_right tag content binded with planets in runtime.
What API should I use to achieve this?
and is this a right way to set name and other info above character model's head?
19 January 2016 17:08
yes, that's the right way. thank you
19 January 2016 04:57
I know can link characters group into empty obj by hand, but this empty obj can not programmable clone. I want(say hundreds charas) dynamiclly created, add to scene, remove it …like in mmorpg.
now the way I can think of is link in hundred characters to empty obj in scene by hand, hide the rest and show it if necessary.
Is there any better way to do this ?