User posts oscarleif
09 May 2016 07:07
So there's an option who do that in the browser. That is called autorotate you can also write
?autorotate in the browser to activate that.
Of course right now I want to enable autorotate after some idle time, that would we amazing !!!
Here I found the how to do that
09 May 2016 04:13
Hello guys I'm new using Blend4Web, right now I read and study the demo files, of course not all the files it's to big. I want to create an animation like this one for the camera.

It's a Turntable Animation. Of course

I no have idea what is the best way to do it I made that animation using keyframes in Blender of course the camera focus the plane and then moves around, but how you can do this in Blend4Web ?
Using logic nodes will do the job ?
Or Is better to use JS I'm not sure. I guess I can animate the camera but that will stops the interaction, right ?