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22 January 2018 20:16
When you create 3 or 4 lights in a scene, the ambient occlusion stops working.
24 October 2017 11:24
v3ny Godot 3 is coming soon, and this have visual scripting too, you can try it.
Is other great game engine too. Regards!
20 October 2017 12:59
I personally prefer to program things that use visual scripting,
I would have to promote programming and learning, do not make more useless users.
17 October 2017 11:22
Reply to post of user Ivan Lyubovnikov
Hi, you can create a special module for this purpose and execute it prior to the other app modules:

b4w.register("overwrite_b4w", function(exports, require) {

var m_anchors = require("anchors");
var m_anim = require("animation");
var m_ver = require("version");

exports.init = function() {
    m_anchors.append = function(){ console.log("hello world") };
    m_anim.append = function(){ console.log("hello world") };
// start application with overriding the original modules

// register and then execute the main app module
b4w.register("my_project_main", function(exports, require) {

Thank you very much Ivan, I'll prove it
06 October 2017 14:29
Hi guys.

I can extend module or override methods of modules?.

original module anchors.js have this:
exports.append = function(){ console.log("foo bar") }

my custom append method for overwriting the original module anchors.js:
exports.append = function(){ console.log("hello world") }

The main idea is not to modify the original modules of blend4web.

How?. Thanks.
06 October 2017 13:14
Reply to post of user Kirill Osipov
Also you can freely copy/paste code from modules in the "addons" directory to your application code.

Can someone explain to me how this is done?, Please.
Thank you!.
04 October 2017 12:02
26 September 2017 18:22
26 September 2017 13:38
Reply to post of user Juani
Good to all, we have created a Facebook page in Spanish to be able to learn to work with Blend4Web. We encourage all to visit it and contribute your knowledge.

Not all people have the facebook.
I do not have it, and I refuse to have it.
Other platform or forum are welcome.
25 September 2017 15:16
Yes, you can pack blend4web app in to .apk for android, with Apache Cordova + crosswalk. Regards!.