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24 November 2015 20:46
also happens with the announcment page of 15.10 btw. []
24 November 2015 20:37
Sorry for getting back so late
To answer your questions:

(1) I have the leak on this very page [ ]
(2) I just use gnome system monitor and see firefox mem usage go up considerably [just left this page open and it rose from 0.2 to 1.2 GB in about 10 min with just this one tab open]

also: memleak still present in firefox 42.0
22 October 2015 14:17
Hi there,

I have tested Firefox 41.0.1 and 41.0.2 on two different machines and still get the memory leak (which is a real pity – wouldnt want to force my visitors into chrome…). Anything we can do about it?
22 October 2015 12:23
Hi there,

I can confirm the memory leak on linux, firefox 41.0.1.
Pity, otherwise blend4web is a dream come true, awesome project. But the memory issue is a showstopper for right now…

Anyways, keep up the good work!