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18 September 2017 07:55
Thank you so much for your help. Are these attribute parameters of Web player also adjustable for compiled versions ?
17 September 2017 19:09
What is the maximum (recommended) size for the world SKYDOME backgrounds? I tried 12000 x 9000 ( 6 x 4096 cube faces) and chrome went unresponsive. In the Everest example I see very high-res images loading pretty smoothly. How do you advice approaching this for a project involving around 50 panos?
17 September 2017 09:39
Thank you so much. These seem promissing.
17 September 2017 07:49
Is it possible to run a deployed project on the computer without internet access ?
My project is not suited to Web player as it involves switching between scenes and some other complex procedures that is better handled with JS. My employer requested for the offline options so they can run the project in remote locations.