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13 February 2017 11:03
Yes, my script run all function automatically. Now i want to display it on the web…
03 February 2017 18:42
I don't found somethings like what i want. and i don't know if i can generate the glove automaticly on measures of the hand 3D with a button.
i use in python boolean and decimate and wireframe and subdivision and solidify functions.
03 February 2017 17:09
ok thank you i will to do this.
Do you have an Example of application of these functions?
03 February 2017 12:26
I would automatically generate custom gloves on a 3D hand as I import it each time.
So, i want an interaction with modification in real time with the object3D.
is there any solution to do this process on the web?
03 February 2017 11:23
Thank you for your reply.
my script contains boolean functions, then decimate, wireframe, subdivision, solidify.
I also create a GUI buttons to run my script. And now, i want to make all this in the web.
03 February 2017 00:35
is there any reply?
01 February 2017 18:44
I have already create a project in blender with some boutons that run script python to modeling object 3D.
Now, I want to run my project with buttons ovec the web, that's why i install blend4web.
I want to display also my buttons or create a buttons which run my script python.
I already search on logic editor but i don't found the solution;
Can you help me with a tutorial or an example to do this?
30 January 2017 18:28
I have created some buttons that allow me to execute automatically python scripts in Blender 3D to modify object 3D.
I want to import also those buttons on the web.
Can you help me to do that?