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29 September 2017 22:13

And blender4web could be a top tool with game logic + python direct compatibility, only my opinion, but ok I know that it's not possible.
I used burster plugin sometime, but it don't was continued. Today Unity is a very strong tool, but has problens with webgl. So, blender4web is a very promissor tool. I commented here last year, that the problen for me, is the lack of basic, very basic, tutorials, for things like a pong game, my example with blender:
I see that blender4web API, now has may short codes examples, I'll try use agein blender4web for game development.

17 May 2016 23:04

I saw and tested the demos codes. But the Blend4web demos are not friendly for learners like me. It's better to learn with steps by steps, mini games (pong) or fast runeables examples. I suggest the project's members to see babylon.js playground and unity3d documentation.

Because this lack, I will wait for a clear set of documentation/tutorial/demos before try this great game engine.

I have made a pong and a bowling game with blender and burster some time (2011):

Rafael J.
17 May 2016 15:30

I'm thinking to use blend4web, but I need to know if is easy to do user interfaces with user input text and numbers. And, how i use this numbers input to control the position of a 3d object?