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04 July 2017 15:19
Thank you for your answer :)
29 June 2017 13:07

I found a strange issue with the blend4Web textures.

When the browser's zoom is set to 100% then the textures becomes blurry like that :

But when you de-zoom to like 60%, then the textures become very clear :

It is the same on FireFox and Chrome (and "Disable compression is checked")

Thank you :)
21 June 2017 17:08
Hello every one,
I have to make a rotation constraint one the X axis from an object to another.

append_stiff_trans_rot() is working but is linking the three axis :/

So I tried something like :

var _vec3_tmp = m_vec3.create();
m_transform.get_rotation_euler(gyroscope, _vec3_tmp);

//m_transform.set_rotation_euler_rel(myChildObject, _vec3_tmp[0], 0, 0); //Weird result

var _vec3_tmp2 = m_vec3.fromValues(_vec3_tmp[0], 0, 0);
m_transform.rotate_x_local(myChildObject, _vec3_tmp[2]); //Weird result

Could you help me we that ? :)
28 April 2017 17:25
Hi !
I wanted a smooth shading so it's OK for me ;)
28 April 2017 15:31
Thank you Roman !
It works :)
27 April 2017 16:37
Good morning,
I want to make a procedural cone with the ability to change the diameter of the Base.

I tried by making two circles and a line :

Then in the Object data panel of the line, setting the taper and Bevel Object :

It works if it's static. However, if I animate the size of the bevel Object Circle, when I compile the scene, my cone doesn't change.

Is there any workaround ?

27 April 2017 11:20
Perfect, thank you :)
26 April 2017 16:50
Good morning,
I saw is the exemple that in the materials, there is a node called "B4W_TIME" wich allows to for instance rotate continuously a texture.

Is there a way to do the same within the logic node Editor ?
For instance to rotate an object.
(I think this is possible with a JS CallBack, but it breaks the workflow).

It would be better in my case to not use a cyclic animation.

Thank you very much !
21 April 2017 15:50
Hello !
Ow I did'nt know that !!!
It works perfectly with the version you gave me :

It's so awesome ! You guy made a fantastic job !!!!!!
21 April 2017 13:08
I downloaded the 17.4 blend4web version and I try to test the exemple from the code_snippets.

But it didn't work.
Is there any specific step to do ?

Thank you very much