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18 August 2019 19:49
Thank you very much! it works!
16 August 2019 10:07
Hi thank you for your answer, which version is the last compatible?

Kind regards
14 August 2019 17:26
Hello I have the same issue on windows 7 with the last versions blender 2.81 and blend4web 18.05…

Any idea?
11 January 2016 08:01
waw so sorry to ask silly questions like this
I always think why my object move so I focus on it but you were right it's the camera!
Thank you so much Ivan for your help
07 January 2016 14:41
Hi the team! I have one new issue I cannot solve…I would like to know how to lock my papyrus because I can still move it with the left clic and that is not part of my project
I try to lock it in blender with the transform locks panel and also with a constraint limit location but doesn't work.
Does someone have an idea?
Thank you
05 November 2015 17:58
Yes yes you got it Ivan!!!
Thank you so much for this answer that helped me so much!!
Problem solved!!
05 November 2015 16:22
Do you know how to solve this? I hope if I put it on a real server I will not have this problem
05 November 2015 16:07
I have this so maybe there is a problem there
05 November 2015 15:49
yes without javascript my animation was working… It is just when I have added the javascript with the project manager, the problem starts.

After exported the project doesn't work
05 November 2015 15:25
Well if I put an image it works but the app its different and do not load.

yes it works well for the coin flip application!!