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How to Write a Funny Cause and Effect Essay - Guide 2021

In the same manner that humor theory can be used to understand comedy, it can also be applied to writing. A cause and effect essay by paper writing service works in a way similar to stand-up comedy. It is made up of two separate parts with a connection between them that goes beyond the obvious or simple. In both cases, there is an event, which leads to an action or result. The event then causes something else to happen that results in another outcome—the effect .


To write a funny cause and effect essay in ‘write my paper’ task, take any ordinary scenario you would include in a regular essay (or one you might see on television). Next insert humorous elements into each part of your argument so that they work together for comedic effect . If done right, readers will not see the humor at first glance, but will recognize it on a second read.


The basic structure for writing a funny cause and effect essay is to take your thesis statement, split it into two parts , use one part in the introduction and one in the conclusion , then give specific details for each part of your argument . The result should be an essay that follows similar rules as stand-up comedy. The reader does not figure out what you are doing until they understand everything, and even then they cannot help but laugh (or at least smile).


When choosing a scenario to write about for essay writing service, pick something common or everyday. It could be catching someone cheating or failing on TV shows like “To Catch A Cheater” or “World’s Dumbest,” or even something on the news like finding a cure for cancer. Make sure that you describe each portion of your argument in detail and include specific examples from these situations. The more detailed you are, the better.


To begin using humor in your cause and effect essay, start at the end of your thesis statement and work backward . Your first sentence should create a humorous situation out of nothing—just think about how many funny things can go wrong every day. In the second sentence , make that situation worse by making an unexpected connection between those two things. In the third sentence , add a new element to make it weirder so that some parts of your argument now don’t make sense . The final sentence of this portion should tie everything back together so that it makes sense.


The second part of your essay as an essay writer will be used to explain how the initial humorous situation came about and why it happened. It is not necessary for you to give details, but try to explain it in a way that is funny to read. If possible, end off with a punchline.


To write better jokes , use material from everyday life as much as possible. When something happens around you—anything—write down exactly what happened when and where it did . Observe every detail of the event, including what people were wearing and anything unusual or strange about them or their actions during the time it happened. Vivid details are more important than anything else .

The key to being funny is being original for ‘write my essay’ tasks, so do not simply rewrite jokes from books, television, or other comedians. If you can find some way to add your own twist on a joke , even if it is just changing the context in which it was told, then use that. This will make your essay funnier because people have heard the same jokes before and they are expecting them now . Doing something different with a joke will catch readers off-guard and surprise them—which is good when writing comedy because you want to keep people interested until the punchline.