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14 June 2020 20:42
I should have written it in two languages. The video - the girl - tells the rules and you can search for questions. (wasd or mobile forward / backward button) Maybe I'll do it all over again. Be clear in another language. What do you think? Hungary Blender Community Site
11 June 2020 14:51
The numbers disappear when you find the question and click. :)
The bottom numbers are not interactive. Hungary Blender Community Site
27 May 2020 19:40
Hi everybody!
The title of the new project: Havanna Challenge
Havanna Hungary Blender Community Site
24 February 2020 00:18
Hi Guys!
The program deals with the early history of electrical engineering. Camera Control: WASD and mouse click - The book screen view rightup or rightdown or left up or leftdown and page scroll. View defaul position: click on middle button
Back to the Walk - click to feather
Have fun
The text is in Hungarian
Unfortunately, I couldn't translate it to a cell phone, even though I was reading lesson 4 in the make game
And developers don't respond to anyone …
e-History App Hungary Blender Community Site
06 January 2020 16:11
No comment

Link to presentation

thx b4w team! Hungary Blender Community Site
23 December 2019 20:20
Hi Guys!
Title A: Generating Sine Quantities.
I also have a question:
how to make the position of an object dynamic when the mobile is in a horizontal or vertical position? (see Play / Pause button)
Thanks b4w team

LINK to Site Hungary Blender Community Site
26 November 2019 11:37
Hope someone can help
In the attached file, I would like the cube to spin upwards in physics. (Click on little cube) Previously, this has been solved in the blender game engine, but I would like to make the game in a browser.
Thank you in advance for all your answers

Game in Blender GE - Video
Current Source Blend Hungary Blender Community Site
28 April 2019 20:28
Hi Guys!
I couldn't find a solution to the previous question, but the final version - v16.12 - is ready.
Binary to decimal conversion
(I also made the English version - Language and help selection with flags) Hungary Blender Community Site
25 April 2019 12:47
Hi Guys!
How do I set up the blend file to show the application in a mobile browser only horizontally?
The last project - 4Bit - Bin to dec conversion - in version 18.05 on my mobile does not appear (S6 - Chrome and S9 - Chrome || In Firefox perfect) That's why I made it in version 16.12 because it appears. Do you have an idea for someone?

I'm glad the forum is running again Hungary Blender Community Site
29 December 2017 23:16
Interactive LED
Made in: blender and blend4web
Language: Hungarian

thx b4w team Hungary Blender Community Site