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09 February 2016 16:56

Can I have multiple UV map in my node material ?
(In my case I have 3 differents UV map)

Thank you
11 December 2015 17:53
Thank you for the tips, i already think of this trick.
waiting the futur release!

good luck
10 December 2015 13:02
ok working fine.
Your support is very efficient!

10 December 2015 08:20
ok, it works now with the mousemove.

Thank you.
09 December 2015 19:49
ok thank you for the tip.
it works for the mousedown event
but i can't pick an object with the mousedover event.
is it possible?
09 December 2015 18:49
Thank you again Yuri.
I try right now!
09 December 2015 17:45

can we customize the message of webgl non compatible browser?
09 December 2015 16:48

for the moment, i think that a child of a bilboard objet don't rotate with its parent.
It will be grate if it does.
09 December 2015 16:44
Thank you Kirill,

for the moment i target my b4w container when i detect my object and it works :

var x = m_mouse.get_coords_x(e);
var y = m_mouse.get_coords_y(e);
_my_xy[0] = x;
_my_xy[1] = y;
var obj = m_scenes.pick_object(x, y);
if(m_scenes.get_object_name(obj) === "my_object"){
document.getElementById("main_canvas_container").style.cursor = "pointer";

Is it a better way to style directly a 3D object?

08 December 2015 18:22

it seems to be a probleme with the SDK 15.11.
opening my project in 15.10 and exporting from there and it works on iphone at least on 5 and 5c
The json is good and the old b4w.js too!

i lost some of the new feature of the 15.11 but nothing important.