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08 December 2014 16:57
Hi Yuri, and once again thanks very much for Your quick response.

…which we believe is a very small burden for the possibility to use it for free…

It is really not a question of as You said "burden", it is just a way to avoid unwanted connotations with an obsolete technology that is not too good looking among web site scripters - especially js. So my suggestion was not to hide any credits due to Your effort but to consider it as a kind of a marketing move. By the way neither me nor anyone wouldn't mind to to include any required information on his site about used blend4web technology as one of elements of the whole project. At the current stage it makes a contrary impression - mine coding is a part included into blend4web. For a few guys it would be a bit hard to accept.

Anyway it is just a suggestion. Web coders who knows how, will do the necessery without asking anyway and without any credits for You. I am affraid that Your webplayer will serve only to graphic designers only for web presentation. In case of core 3d web technology You will deal with guys who will use b4w and leave no credits.

Its a pitty, because what You have done is exremely amazing. This is a 7 miles step for web3d technology because it allows to ransfer 3d practicly without coding into web. Also, You have solved the most complex export problem, that is still not solved in case of three js - export of any composite object with a generated image textures coordinates from blender into web.

No manual uvs coding - this is really something.

07 December 2014 13:57
Hi again.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the early versions of addons export and show the generated html without the webplayer presence. Is there any way to do it in case of 14.11 ? I am asking because the load indicatior makes me thinking and reminding of flash and this is something I wish to avoid. Also little icons in the right bottom corner … Is there any way to hide somehow all that staff ?

Thanks in advance
07 December 2014 13:26
Again thanks for you quick response. The problem was a way of texture projection via z axis on mesh. When the mesh was rotated texture in BLENDER behave the same way under condition of appropriate settings of X,Y,Z axis within mapping preferences. Unfortunately for some reason, during export proces this axis maping preferences are somehow lost.

Thanks once again - especially on sunday .
06 December 2014 22:54
Hallo again

Simply saying … my textures in Blender looks like that :

but after export they seem to be "a little" changed :

Any suggestions on how I should handle with this problem ?

Thanks in advance …
06 December 2014 19:59
I thought that might be a reason, after reinstalling my Blender version to 2.72 when that problem completely dissapeared.
Thank you for your response, and please don't loose your courage, you guys do a wonderfoul work.
06 December 2014 15:58
I have tried to make a simple mesh export with an image texture and I can't figure out what is the meaning of the following error message :

NAME: Texture
ERROR: Wrong texture coordinates type.

(Blender 2.70 by the way )

Can You give me some advice how to handle that ?

Thanks in advance.

By the way, You (I mean the whole team) have done an amazing work. Thanks to You, this application is a huge step in changing boring newspapers or posters look like internet sites into something really modern.