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03 June 2016 02:01
Perhaps you haven't remembered that most/all of the new VR displays are using Leap Motion attached to the faceplates in order to have hands displayed in the view. Blender is one way to create a VR experience, having VR capabilities built-in. Blender needs a way for the Leap Motion to work during VR development as well.

And thanks so much for answering my email and giving some hope in developing for Leap Motion by saying: "However, we can create a working Leap Motion prototype application and assist you in integrating it with your solutions on the basis of the premium technical support". Could you explain more fully on the "premium technical support"?

I have limited funds, being retired from the Union Pacific Railroad and a Air Force vet of 4 years, but I am interested in your proposal.

For your information, the Vuo app contains Vuo.framework, which contains yuo.leap.uvonode, and many modules including VuoList_VuoLeapFrame.bc, VuoList_VuoLeapHand.bc, VuoList_VuoLeapPointable.bc, VuoList_VuoLeapPointableType.bc, VuoList_VuoLeapTouchZone.bc and uses the libLeap.dylib to access the Leap daemon. So it can be done and is being done at the present time by other companies.
05 January 2016 06:24
What language are you using for Blender Nodes?

I am getting 30-40 fps into blender 3D window at the present time but just needed a node to channel the Leap frame usage. How would you create a node that accepts Python 3 Leap data code or C++ code to have a working node to use? By the way, I am a registered Leap developer from the beginning. I do not need to have web apps for Blender game development yet.
28 December 2015 21:39
Are you doing any development with the Leap Motion device?
I need a Leap node to import the Leap Motion daemon Frame so that I can move objects with the wave of the hand. There are many other nodes that could work with the import node. Hands, fingers, finger joints, Gestures; circle, swipe, tap, touch. Other nodes: object, empty, move, size, rotate, timer, speed, fire, explode, gravity, visability, steering, percent, record, playback, print, display. These could help so much with making games for Blender.