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20 July 2017 16:27
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Hi, could not you do it by duplicating all the key frames and scaling them to (-1) before making the bake?
Yes, I think I can do it, but baked vetex animation weighs a lot and I need animation in both directions. My app is already big and I'm trying to save every kB.
20 July 2017 14:48
Unfortunately none of yours advices apply to me. I do not use Shape Key's. I'm using Curve Modifier with curves that are animated via hooks on handles - that's why I'm baking vertex animation
18 July 2017 09:09
Is it possible to play baked vertex animation in reverse. I know that you can reverse NLA strips, but baked animation is not showing up in the NLA editor (even with "Allow NLA" option). Is it possible in the editor/code somehow?
12 July 2017 14:23
I'm trying to make book opening animation. It looks… good enough in Blender, but inside browser pages are intersecting each other during movement. I've tried "Optimize keyframes" (on/off), "Use Native Baker" (on/off).
Nothing seems to work. Problem looks a little bit like there is not enough precision with bones rotation? I don't know. Maybe one of you guys can figure it out.

Here's blend file: link
Here's html: link
Blue box starts animation

As you can see there's a lot of bones - book has to be fairly smooth. Maybe there's another way to this?
12 November 2016 21:34
Congratulations to first and second place winners! Good job guys!
This was first time I've used Blend4Web and my programming skills are very close to nonexistent, so I had to limit interactivity.
But this is definitely not the last time I'm doing something with B4W.
Also I've updated Mercedes a bit - background color, overall saturation, specular on tyres and added camera limits (I really don't know how I've missed this).
07 November 2016 10:42
Here's my entry to the contest. I went dirty and forgotten path.


Project .blend file link
30 October 2016 23:13
First test version inside Blend4Web: