User posts vetulani
23 January 2018 21:18

I'm kinda stumped by this, in three.js you can use a function update(), whereas in blend4web it doesn't seem to be that simple…

How would I go about making a Unity like Update function?
I need it to rotate an object when I click and drag it, amongst other things.

Thanks! :)
23 January 2018 17:31

How can I rotate an object along an axis, by dragging the mouse using the logic nodes?
So far what I got is to rotate the object X degrees in Y time, but on click only.
Is this at all possible to do this with nodes, and use mouse drag?

Second question on the side, is it possible to attach scripts to objects like in the Three.JS web editor or Unity style?

Thanks for any help! :)
22 December 2016 20:12

New here, Blend4web is absolutely amazing, however I found lately that no matter what I do, there are no dynamic shadows in the mobile (android) chrome browser. Is this a known limitation? Or by design? Is there any way to hack this on?

Tested it on a Galaxy S5 (with a slightly outdated Android) on latest Chrome, and other android devices - including Google Tango.