User posts vladimirt
29 February 2016 23:27
Got it OK
using disable_simulation before setting the translation
Actually – seems like this is not working, because after the 2nd disabling I cannot re-enable the simulation any more.
There are no errors in log or exceptions, but the character's physics remains disabled.
29 February 2016 22:33
Hi guys,

I have a player like object with dynamic physics type and camera attached via append_copy_trans.
Is it possible to set the translation of this object? For example if the player drops of the cliff i want it to appear back on top. When I use set_translation, something weird happens - am i missing something?
25 February 2016 22:59
Thank you!
22 February 2016 20:13
Hi guys,

is it possible to use the mouse click sensor to detect right button click?
observing the values of the sensor manifold's callback arguments i cant make a difference.

11 February 2016 19:53
Hi guys!

I have an object ( simple cube ) with 6 materials assigned to each side.
I'm trying to change the diffuse color of a single side - the one with material name "rightm"

m_mat.set_diffuse_color(_player,  "rightm", m_rgba.from_values(1, 0, 0, 1));

The problem is, this is somehow affecting other sides of the cube as well.
Instead of just "rightm", the half of the cube becomes red.
All of the materials are named uniquely and assigned a side of the cube.

Any help would be appreciated!