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04 August 2015 18:07
Hi Evgeny Rodygin ,
thanks for that fast reply and the great offer to test it on the same hardware.

For that reason I provided You with the html files which have that problems.

The one named " sunglas3ShadowsAus_01.html " is the one with uncecked Render ..shadows refractions, and antialiasing
The one here is the one with Render ..shadows refractions, and antialiasing - cecked.

by the way:
the " sunglas3____.html " file has an issue with its glas (sort alpha was checked ones …but one glas did still obscure the other when loocked through from side to side)

Thanks for your great work!

and Thank You very much for any answer

04 August 2015 17:12
After exporting an html file under blend4web out of blender 2.74 opening the file on my android phone (Samsung Galaxie S2 GT i19100 / Androidversion 4.1.2, Firefox) black and white stripes are rendered into the otherwise perfect rendering (I dont know how to take a screenshot from the running html file on my Android phone). Under the b4w scene Tab in blender I uncecked Render ..shadows refractions, and antialiasing…and exported again with the same result.
Opening the html file under Windows7 on my laptop works fine…

Thanks for any advice