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31 January 2017 12:42
Hi Khomyakov,

Thank you very much for your reply and its helpful information! I look forward to upcoming releases of blend4web.
31 January 2017 07:54
Hi Guys,

I am a "blender + substance painter" user and a web programmer so blend4web is the best choice for me. Thanks to the blend4web team for their amazing work!

Here I have a question about PBR shaders. I would like to know if PBR is going to be supported by blend4web in the future. I see someone asked about PBR before in the forum but here I will be more specific about the concept: I mean the "Metal/Roughness" workflow which typically involves using 4 or more maps:
Diffuse map (or called albedo map)
Metallic map
Roughness map
Normal map

I know Sketchfab supports PBR so what is exported from substance painter can be used directly in Sketchfab. But I want more customization than what Sketchfab can offer so blend4web is my best choice. I wonder if blend4web can somehow support PBR textures usage so that the realism of the model in blend4web projects can be even better.

Blend 2.8 is said to support PBR in its viewport (link). Is this something that will influence blend4web's roadmap?

Thank you very much for your insights!
14 December 2016 13:42
Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for your reply! Here is the information you asked.

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- system you are using

macOS Sierra 10.12.2
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

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- the result page of typing chrome:gpu in the address bar of the chrome browser

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- screenshot of the console log after loading blend4web scene
14 December 2016 12:17

From 16.11 Blend4web supports some of the Cycles materials. I did a simple test and strangely the "fast preview" in my Chrome browser is very noisy and something seems wrong (not sure if I missed something):

My blender file is very simple: a cute, a material with a Diffuse and a Glossy shader mixed together:

I am quite new to Blend4web so it's possible that I did something wrong. I also attach my blender file (I use Blender 2.78a and Blend4web 16.11, in a 2015 mac book pro).

A side question: are you guys planning to shift the focus from BI materials to Cycles materials in the near future? I know Cycles isn't designed for real-time usage so what I expect is just that we use Cycles materials in our Blender file and then Blend4web converts them behind the scene to achieve what BI materials achieve currently. 16.11's Cycles support is already part of the work but I want to know if you will put long-time efforts onto it. I asked this because there aren't many BI node-material learning stuff in the Internet and Cycles materials prevail for a few years so I wonder if I can replace learning BI node-materials by learning Cycles node-materials only.

Thank you for your help. You guys do an awesome job!!!