14 nov. 2015 13:29
Tried this out:
15 nov. 2015 10:34
Is there a way to embed Blend4Web content in FB post? Like this
If not, what is missing?
16 nov. 2015 10:23
Hi Nils,
Is there a way to embed Blend4Web content in FB post? Like this
If not, what is missing?
Currently there is no way to embed Blend4Web in a Facebook post, the only option available is creating a Facebook Canvas app. This is because we do not have a Blend4Web-specific hosting service. Our current business model does not rely on any web services which I believe is our advantage over cloud-based platforms notoriously known for their customer lock-in and privacy violations. You are free to choose any third-party hosting platform or use your own or your customer's website for displaying Blend4Web content.
03 jan. 2016 02:59
What was your localhost pointing to?
30 jul. 2022 10:32
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04 nov. 2022 13:27
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11 nov. 2022 15:23
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15 nov. 2022 12:30
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