X-Mas Contest Results!


So, our X-Mas Contest has ended!

First of all, we want to thank all the participants! Even though this was a first-time contest, in the end we saw lots of amazing entries. To tell you the truth, it was difficult to score them!

The judges' ratings varied widely. We tried to come up with most suitable criteria to compare the entries: the idea (originality and relevance), the visual and audio effects (how it looks and sounds), the level of interactivity (what the user can do) and optimization (how fast it performs and how it works on mobile devices).

So, let's get to naming the winners!

The competition was tough. According to the scores, first place goes to Pavel Burmistrov aka piored from Samara, Russia, and to his Nutcracker!

What amazed us is the fact that the entire logic was done with the logic editor. We here, on the Blend4Web team, have never created node logic trees of such complexity! Moreover, the scene itself was really well done: everything looks awesome, the animation is very smooth, and the sound complements the visuals very well. Congratulations, Pavel!

Second place goes to Pierre Mervaillie aka Yadoob from Lille, France, and to his amazing visualization of "Granny Helga's house".

The concept and the story was created by the artist Helo. The author's original, cartoonish style stands out the most, yet you can click on various objects and read the story. Again, all of this was done with the logic nodes.

And concerning third place... The situation here is quite interesting: three entries are done at a high level, and the judges liked them all very much. Therefore, they decided to award three entries with third place instead of one, because it simply didn't feel right to not reward an entry just because of a difference of one tenth of a point. We think that the authors are completely worthy of this award because of their hard work :)

So, here are the entries that came in third!

The Death Star made by Andrey Larin aka Andrey from Arkhangelsk, Russia:

The originality of the idea and well created atmosphere were the main features here. Everything is in harmony and looks very nice :)

Next is the New Year Meadow made by Alexander Tsvetkov aka ravi from Cherepovets, Russia!

This entry is closer to the theme than the other winners, and has lots of elements you can click on, highly increasing the interactivity of the scene and making it much more lively :)

And last but not least, is the calendar by Duarte Ramos from Lisbon, Portugal.

This entry is very original and unique and we want to point out its very interesting style and mechanics. The result is fancy looking yet practical. :)

Congratulations, people!

We will contact you by email about claiming your prize. :)

The complete scores can be seen in this table.

But that's not all. Each participant who submitted an entry will receive an exclusive mug decorated in the X-Mas Contest style. Consider it a little prize from us for your hard work! All of your entries have brought us lots of joy and we sincerely thank you! Please send your address and full name to my email ( so we know where to send it ;)

Please leave your comments on the discussion page!

Thereby, I proclaim the X-Mas Contest closed. We really liked how it went and we hope that you enjoyed it as well. We will hold more contests and all of you will have the chance to show your talents and skills! We look forward to seeing you again at the next contest! Stay tuned! ;)