Contest Smartphone Presentation: Results


The "Smartphone Presentation" contest has ended! Let's take a look at the results.

Compared to the previous contest we recieved one more submission! Thank you everyone, it was very interesting to see your versions of smartphones!

This time we had a fundamental change in the judges of the contest: now there are only two people from Blend4web: yours truly (Pavel Kotov, 3D-generalist, contest administrator) and Mikhail Luzyanin, lead 3D-artist.

And now let me introduce our special guest judges!

-3D-master Alexander Milovski! He's an expert in CG, a teacher, an author of countless articles, certified Autodesk instructor and the list goes on!

-Anton Belov, the head of marketing and branding at Highscreen! (Highscreen is a Russian brand of smartphones, dash cameras and accessories for them.)

Andrey Prakhov, a free software advocate, game developer and the author of three Blender books! He took part in judging the previous contest.

The criteria were somewhat different this time, and the contestants had to create an optimized, yet photorealistic and interactive scene. It's not an easy feat, I must say! Also, the entries were judged based on how effective they could be as a marketing tool.

Speaking as the person responsible for compiling the results, the judges' opinions varied quite a bit! I think it indicates that we reached the "happy medium" in the results.

Okay, let's see who outperformed the best according to the judges!

The first place goes to Andrey Larin's (Андрей) entry!

Experienced and active member of our community, awardee of our previous contest, this time he managed to create awesome presentation that made him the absolute leader of the contest.

The second place goes to Andrey Zhidkov's (Андрей Юрьевич) entry!

His work stands out with high quality of graphics and overall aestetics. Also the design itself looks pretty intresting!

And the third place goes to KonradSniezek's entry!

That interactivity! The breakdown diagram is made very well, and you can disassemble the phone yourself, part by part. Great interactivity brought this entry up to the third place!

CONRATULATIONS! We'll contact you via mail about the prizes.

Our guest judges commentary:

Andrey Prakhov:

So the second contest by the Blend4Web developers has ended. And you know what, my friends, this time it was even more difficult to choose the strongest. There were lots and lots of interesting, colorful projects. I don't know what destiny will decide, and I don't know other judges' opinions, and who will claim the top spots. I can only speak for myself, and had it been up to me, everyone would have been rewarded.

KonradSniezek has demonstrated firsthand the smartphone assemby process which you can see down to the smallest detail. The “Muphrid” branded device looks very cool and I would really like to have such a thing in my pocket! Contestants by the nicknames of “Soss” and “Андрей Юрьевич” have both provided stylish presentations that are simply asking to be put on the main page of some major brand's web site.

An excellent contest, awesome works, interesting ideas. Blender+Blend4Web connection has once again proved its viability, and the contestants have proved their skills.

Anton Belov:

I have liked several works made with that technology, but sadly none of them could have been applied by our company for commercial use, there are not enough visual elements and realism. For some reason many contestants tried to create their own interface while they could have simply use ready-made icons, and it would have looked prettier. Overall, I think that this technology has great potential for growth and development.

And I would also like to add several comments of my own:

  • Leroy: excellent visualization! Materials are believable and the flares sliding across the screen are simply miraculous!
  • tuxtoriel - apparently the work looks unfinished, but everything is presented interesting and atmospheric.
  • ValerioFissolo - here we have a sad misconception. This work has been aiming for a high place, but due the fact that almost every material was using dynamic reflections, performance decreased greatly. The scene has more than 1600 draw calls – it is more than in our most heavy applications! Because of it, the work, sadly, has received a very low score in performance. But, putting that aside, the work itself is excellent.
  • Luke Video - the notification “from me” on the device is amusing, thanks! :D
  • Евгений Козлов: the design is interesting, a model like this could quite possibly have been placed to the site header. :)
  • Кирилл: a good idea, it would have been even better if all those things could be pulled out by clicking!
  • Vladimir_Popov: unfortunately, the text is almost unreadable on mobile devices :disappointed: But the idea and the realization both look interesting!

The complete scores can be seen in this table.

And, of course, the traditional little gift! This time we'll send you this refrigerator magnet. Please send your address, index number and full name to my email ( so we know where to send it ;)

Please leave your comments on the discussion page!

Thereby, I proclaim the contest Smartphone Presentation closed. Thank you so much everyone for participating! We'll be waiting to see you all in the next contest, next month!