Panda Contest: Results


Well now! Our peaceful contest has peacefully come to an end, and we can calmly announce the results.

...calmly? Nope, not even close!

Yet again, emotions overwhelm us when counting up the scores. The judges often have so different opinions on various things and the scores vary so much that you may start doubting the accuracy of this "democracy". But in the end, the scores harmonize in some magical way, easily and clearly, and together they represent the overall opinion of each project. So, the system works! :)

As you may know our judges couldn't decide the winners, so we asked you guys to vote for the winners. And here come the results!

The first place goes to Ilya (Angry Arctic Fox) from Chita, Russia, and his panda!

And on to second place - it goes to the entry by Konstantin (Konstantin Golubev) from Klaipeda, Lithuania!

And the third place goes to panda by Pavel (piored) from Samara, Russia!

Our sincere congratulations to the winers! We will contact you regarding your prizes.

Also I must mention the entry by Mixaill from Kazan! It had the same score as the third place, but after Community voting lost to piored's entry.

Judges' Comments:

Pandas were many, pandas were diverse... I want to say, my friends, that the projects from this contest were really beautiful. And this beauty was often accompanied by charming music. I won't list the works I liked, but I really hope to see them among the winners. This was great!

And, of course, several words of my own:

  • I really liked the samurai panda. The music, style and camera animation all catch the spirit perfectly.
  • The ballerina panda is probably the most complete work. Everything is stylish, there are several animations, the character is lovely and well done, and the environment is pleasant :)
  • The musician pandas by Konstantin Golubev is, in my opinion, the richest project - rich with everything. No wonder it loads so slowly :) However, it too can be optimized. I'm even thinking about creating a short lesson on optimization with this work as an example. We will see about that :)
  • Mikhail Andreev, the materials are very beautiful! And the idea of fur is good too!
  • piored, your work made many people on our team smile, thank you! It made us smile in a good sense, by the way. And the comic book style is really cool :)
  • Evgeny Kozlov, you did a fine job within a short period of time! And, in general, I found the idea of an interactive zoo very interesting :) It would certainly be better than looking at 2D pictures and cheaper than attending a real zoo. P.S. - yes, I've found the easter egg :D

Well now. Thanks to you all for discussing the contest and for participating - thanks to your suggestions and remarks we were able to understand what things we still need to work on and which goals to set for ourselves. And, as always, we have a little surprize for all participants! This time it is wall-mounted clock made in the style of the contest. We had quite a few clocks left from the belated conference, so we decided to upgrade them! Thus, the participants will get a bit of the conference along with prizes :) We would like to ask everyone who want to receive it to send your addresses (with postal index!) and full names to my e-mail ( so we know where and to whom we should send it (if you haven't done so already). ;)

Please leave your comments about the results on the page for discussion!

So now we can take a breather and calmly, like a panda, proclaim the contest closed. Once again, we want to thank everyone who participated! We will meet again next month, for the next contest!