Toyota sportcar 3D configurator


A truly splendid 3D sportcar configurator has appeared on the GAZOO Racing website. The owner of this Internet resource is Japanese company Toyota Motors, and the company offers its clients a unique opportunity to thoroughly examine an entire set of sportcars.

There are lots of models, car body tuning, color selection — the developers put a lot of effort into the visual side of the scene. 3D models exhibit an amazing level of attention to details, every element is carefully recreated, and the materials look as lifelike as it gets.

However, the developers of the configurator did not stop with only the key elements. For example, you can also select any environment you like, from a simple gradient to a highway. What is interesting is these are no simple images — most of the background are complex 3D scenes. See, for example, the night city with buildings and lights reflecting in the water!

The new 3D configurator indeed looks magnificent. Such masterpieces of 3D graphic can be brought to life using modern and advanced Blend4Web engine, and they look the on the websites that are keeping up with the times.

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