Automobile Industry and 3D Technologies


The biggest car transmission manufacturer in China has published a complex 3D presentation of one of its products. SAGW is a leading car manufacturing company that provides transmissions for many car brands. The presentation features options to examine the structure of the product, to see it working in various modes and to learn about the company in general.

The presentation turned out to be rather large and takes quite a bit of time to load. To obscure the loading time, the application give users an option to watch photos and listen to peaceful tune, so they won’t get bored. This feature has an educational value as well: being a big industrial facility, SAGW company features numerous sights to behold for its clients and partners. The presentation itself, however, is even more interesting.

Automatic transmission is a complex device that include multiple mechanical parts. The presentation allows you to “dismantle” it and thoroughly investigate its content. The application can show working process of a specific part of the device and provide additional information. For example, you can select the cooling system and see how in works in real time.

Another notable feature is an option to view working process of the core part of the transmission in combination with the car control system. For this, the developers prepared a separate mode with speed, engine rotation and gear shift indicators on screen. Using this mode, you can view how switching gears affects the transmission. And if you press the accelerator “pedal”, the car will dash forward – quite literally so, as the scene also includes a small race track. It doesn’t serve any real purpose, but certainly looks nice.

Real-time 3D graphics allow for creating vivid demonstrations of performance features, while interactive capabilities make possible user input and uptake of important information.

This is why SAGW company, China’s biggest car transmission manufacturer, decided to use Blend4Web engine and WebGL technology in general to present its high-tech production.

Link to the application.

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