Tailor-made Luxury. Unique iPhone With Custom Design


Exclusive, unique, elite — these are the words we use to emphasize public image and position. Jewelry, luxury cars, fancy houses and hyper-featured devices custom-made by the best artisans in the world. Big money, great possibilities… and what, you may ask, Blend4Web has to do with any of this?

Imagine iPhone X inlaid with silver and gold, with owner’s initials and profile. Something like this can only be made to order. The world of luxury, fantastic prices and elite customers is often perceived as conservative, yet it too seeks to remain up-to-date with progress and to offer its clients access to cutting-edge technologies.

Caviar online store sells its products to world-renown actors, politicians and businessmen. People like Steven Seagal, Roy Jones and Arkady Rotenberg are among its clients. Blend4Web is among its partners.

3D configurator made with our engine gives you an option to choose a model of smartphone and embellish it with unique features. How this custom gadget will end up looking is entirely up to the client.

There is a total of eight different models and a lot of options, including dozens of materials ranging from leather to precious metals. Blend4Web engine is used to precisely recreate all features of these beautiful materials so the client of the boutique can be sure that the real phone will look exactly like the one on the screen.

Any exclusive product should, of course, feature some unique traits. The application does not limit the customer with simply choosing the type of material. There are also option to place face profile on the frame of the phone, to add engravings and cover plates with various types of content. Combining all these setting allows for creating very interesting and unique-looking device.

Luxury products require luxury environment. Working with Caviars’s 3D configurator engulfs customer in the world of elegant and elaborate design. This outstanding project combines 3D models with realistic materials and stylish animation. And what makes all this magnificence work is our Blend4Web engine.

Link to the application.

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