3D Voyage Through The Sport Complexes of 2018 Olympic Games


Official web site of the XXIII Winter Olympics uses Blend4Web for demonstrating 3D maps and sport complexes.

This February is the month of intense competitions anticipated by millions all around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people set their ways to the Republic of Korea to see the competitions with their own eyes. Huge sport complexes, hotels, restaurants, parking lots and other kinds of facilities are waiting for them.

The main source of information about current Games is, of course, the official web site. The developers put maximum effort into stuffing it with all kinds of useful information. The visitors of the site can find schematic maps, descriptions of sporting facilities, transport timetables and also this years’s novelty, 3D maps of several main locations.

Most of the main sport complexes are recreated in full 3D, as are surrounding landscapes, structures and roads. The developers use a combination of panoramic images and 3D objects to create highly realistic image.

Special attention is given to the informational value of the presentation. Visitors have option not only to examine any place that catches their interest, but also to get comprehensive info on main infrastructural objects located nearby. Textual and graphical tips are used for this, and virtual tours are also available for several locations. For example, biathlon fans can take a look on the track and read short descriptions of its key points.

Very soon, the most anticipated final competitions will be held. Even if you don’t have a chance to visit Pyeongchang in person, there are still 3D presentations that can help you see famous arenas for yourself. The hockey centre, the ice arena and many other objects have all been recreated with utmost precision. Try and imagine yourself right in the thick of things!

Today, when field events are at the very height, hundreds and hundreds of people visit the official site of the Olympics with a view to get some useful info, and most of the time they do it using mobile phones and tablets. These relatively low-power devices provide some specific requirements that 3D applications have to meet. And this is no coincidence that the developers of the Winter Olympics 2018 web site chose Blend4Web engine, as applications built on it run smoothly in any browser on any platform.

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