Changes in Blend4Web Release Cycle


Dear friends,

From the very beginning, Blend4Web is the product that solves real-world problems and meets the practical needs of its users. For the first few years, we published a new release every month. This allowed us to keep up introducing new features, testing them together, listening to your feedback and adapting the framework to your requests. Also, such a fast release cycle allowed us to adequately handle constantly changing web standards.

Last year we understood that engine stability was the primary concern and we needed more time to test and fix bugs in addition to developing new features. In addition, we planned to introduce several features that required significant time to develop. That was why we decided to change the release cycle and to introduce a release every two months.

This year we plan to introduce a number of major engine features, including global illumination, fully dynamic scenes and geometry, support for GLTF, our own interactive WYSIWYG viewport for Blender, centralized asset management across projects, and others. Developing and testing these features take considerable time and we've decided to step out of the fixed release schedule in favor of feature-bound releases. This will allow us to offer you a stable product with every release and introduce really useful features you can use in commercial applications. As always, we're going to publish the Developer Preview and Release Candidate ahead of every release.

We are going to publish the first release of 2018 in March and it will include the improved PBR Pipeline, non-uniform scaling of 3D meshes, dynamic render graph and many other features.

Stay tuned!