Blend4Web Studio: setting up materials inside of Uber interface


We have decided that to implement parametric materials into Blend4web Studio, our new product. Thus any 3d artist without any deep skills can create amazing and realistic material in a quick and fast way. A list of input parameters of specified nodes is presented for 3d artist in a simplified mode opposed to PBR node structure. The list is called Uber interface and the materials which are presented under such interface are now Uber materials.

Uber materials are prepared in advance by experienced 3d artists. Such materials allow to hide plenty of details of lighting inside of Uber interface. While using such material an artist shouldn’t bother himself about correct scene reflection on material surface or transparency area display.

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of Uber-materials when applying them on any type of surface. The desired leather material can be picked from the belt and applied to a boot model that you are working on.