Getting Started With the Blend4Web SDK


In this video tutorial I describe Blend4Web SDK installation in detail and also show how to prepare and export a simple scene with lighting, shadows, materials and textures.

13 feb. 2015 03:03
excited to be learning this stuff !! I'm following the video, quite intently "Getting Started With the Blend4Web SDK "
..other then not having an "embed" folder for html (( @5:58 )) - I used instead: "blend4web_sdk_free\deploy\apps\webplayer"
is that ok ??

…continuing with the video - I tried to export as .html - I ONLY have "B4W Export"
- I do not have the option "B4W HTML Export"

thanks for making this available !!!!

13 feb. 2015 11:07
Hi, and welcome to the forum!
Thanks, this video is a bit old. I've made some corrections to it.
14 feb. 2015 13:21
Yep the development is rather rapid, and some of our videos have become outdated. Currently we plan to implement several important usability features and then we will be able to create the new set of video tutorials.
15 feb. 2015 00:43
@Mikhail Bezzubikov thanks for the screenshot and @Alexander Kovelenov : thank you both for responding - I am learning as I go ..I am following your tweets and have subscribed to your YouTube Channel

2. question:
For a very long time I have only used and blogs
with these types of sites, I host my .css and .js files on
…will I be able to run (embed) blend4web this way also ?? or will I have to setup a Wordpress with my own hosting ??
- should I post this 2nd question within another thread ??

thanks again - looking forward to using this awesome technology !!

15 feb. 2015 13:01
…will I be able to run (embed) blend4web this way also ?? or will I have to setup a Wordpress with my own hosting ??
You do not need to setup any server-side solutions because Blend4Web is a pure client framework. For more info check this tutorial, I think method 2 will suit well for you.
16 feb. 2015 17:02
@Alexander Kovelenov ok great !!! thanks again !!!
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