Assets Creation

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Asset Compression
mrpinc 3 1349 mrpinc
control playback speed
Nils Austa 6 1893 Konstantin Khomyakov
multi-threaded app and logic editor
Nils Austa 4 1377 Konstantin Khomyakov
What's happening in the grass material node setups?
Mentalist 3 2151 Mentalist
planetarium - sun points to camera
Nils Austa 3 1340 Nils Austa
Feedback wanted on cyclic glow material
Mentalist 6 2015 Pavel Kotov
normal maps strength in node material and combining normal maps
ToshiCG 7 3101 Mentalist
Too less settings for underwater mist
salmar_dev 2 1269 Mikhail Luzyanin
Deactivate camera movement in real-time
JD 3 1258 JD
Outline My Pipes
trepaning 3 1436 Alexander Romanov
Hotlinks from selectable objects
trepaning 9 2209 Will Welker
Any tricks to display clear text?
JD 5 1677 JD
Textures don't "repeat"
ToshiCG 7 1864 ToshiCG
Issue with Play anim nodes
JD 4 1350 Pavel Kotov
Do not export certain vertices
goeck 2 1097 Evgeny Rodygin
mass re-exporter
trepaning 7 1544 Yuri Kovelenov
Bone animation help please
trepaning 31 6428 trepaning
normal map without UV unwrapping
David Duperron 6 1971 Pavel Kotov
how to have 1st person controls with mouse for camera look?
trepaning 14 4093 nktrrz
positioning JSON models after load
trepaning 12 2615 Yuri Kovelenov
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