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Water shader
Shamusboy 9 1933 Cesar Vega
Not fully loaded textures ?
HotGoblins 4 286 HotGoblins
Object that follows x-y animation & z physics.
dallas3d 6 623 Roman Sementsov
Best way to create user interfaces with logic
DanS 5 524 Mikhail Luzyanin
Render failing
DanS 2 278 Alexander Kovelenov
Asset Compression
mrpinc 3 360 mrpinc
control playback speed
Nils Austa 6 591 Konstantin Khomyakov
multi-threaded app and logic editor
Nils Austa 4 407 Konstantin Khomyakov
What's happening in the grass material node setups?
Mentalist 3 860 Mentalist
planetarium - sun points to camera
Nils Austa 3 475 Nils Austa
Feedback wanted on cyclic glow material
Mentalist 6 655 Pavel Kotov
normal maps strength in node material and combining normal maps
ToshiCG 7 1219 Mentalist
Too less settings for underwater mist
salmar_dev 2 500 Mikhail Luzyanin
Deactivate camera movement in real-time
JD 3 529 JD
Outline My Pipes
trepaning 3 706 Alexander Romanov
Hotlinks from selectable objects
trepaning 9 960 Will Welker
Any tricks to display clear text?
JD 5 678 JD
Textures don't "repeat"
ToshiCG 7 813 ToshiCG
Issue with Play anim nodes
JD 4 616 Pavel Kotov
Shape keys and drivers.
NicolasCharmel 4 1189 NicolasCharmel
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