project structure

17 November 2015 20:28
Can you make the project folder configurable so we can place it outside the folder where blend4web is expanded.

This way we can create new project outside of blend4web folder.

Also, it would be nice to have a project created that has the standard website structure

- css
- js
- assets (where all textures go)
- index.html
- project.json
- project.bin

Further more, if the b4w.js can be copied over into the /js folder.

This way in one click we have a deployable web project that can moved over as is to the hosting server.

17 November 2015 20:58
Hello and welcome to our forums!

Actually the project manager has a feature to convert projects into a "deployable" form. However, due to security concerns it's not possible to use GUI application to do that (i.e. the project is deployed outside the SDK).

For more info how to utilize CLI program to deploy projects see topic "Deploying Projects" in our documentation.

Currently this tool has somewhat limited functionality, still more features are planned for our next releases.
30 November 2016 21:45
Yes, having a configurable folder structure outside the Blend4Web SDK directory would be a huge plus for me too. In fact it is my main point of concern with using the SDK currently, and why I haven't really used it much at this point.

Having a mixed structure between 'binaries', or installation files/libraries/default application data, and personal user created content and projects is a week point of the design in my eyes. It is a security concern and makes upgrading harder and more error prone.

I have my own organized default folder structure in my PC where I store personal files, projects, and client work, and I would love to keep using it, independent of where I install the SDK and binary files, and without being forced into any pre-defined format

Would love to see some considerable improvements in this area in the future.
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