Feature Requests

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Support for triangle mesh
PaulAdolphus 1 42 PaulAdolphus
Control Vehicle Using html elements
PaulAdolphus 1 33 PaulAdolphus
Give annotation anchor divs a javascript ID (to enable manipulating them)
Blend4Life 7 1261 Blend4Life
node material set mapping
tp_up 2 357 tp_up
tp_up 1 301 tp_up
Make "Do not export" option behave native-like
slayerdude 4 689 Blend4Life
temporal anti aliasing
tp_up 1 421 tp_up
Transform Logic Node lacks option to move/rotate/scale *BY* certain amount
Blend4Life 2 659 Alexander Romanov
Transform Logic Node lacks independent X/Y/Z scaling introduced in v18.05
Blend4Life 2 638 Alexander Romanov
Faster running, faster preview, group logic ...
Dzynek 1 456 Dzynek
Detecting user input while engine is paused
Blend4Life 1 520 Blend4Life
Hide and show node
simblen 5 2161 Wgallo
soft body physics
v3ny 2 956 Alexander Romanov
Keyboard/gamepad input
Alastair Low 5 2920 v3ny
I can't find Switch Select Node
ayhanulker 5 1931 ayhanulker
Run Entry Point Node
Will Welker 5 1937 v3ny
Attach JSON data to a 3D object
Brice 1 999 Brice
Request fullscreen with keyboard key
cstfan 2 1407 Ivan Lyubovnikov
API: logic_nodes.get_nodes_names()
Phil 1 793 Phil
Allow Anchors to generate Select And Jump event
crazyFolker 3 2089 picklejones
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