Music example, iPhone Safari, and dragging

21 November 2015 12:50
Hi there,

a) Load up the music / piano on iPhone ( prob other devices )…

b) Tap on a key ( works ).

c) Tap and drag from a key ( works ).

d) Either tap, or tap and drag on a key ( does NOT work ).

e) If you have previously tapped and it did not work, tap again on a key ( works ).

Any time you drag, it seems to not allow the next tap. Hope that makes sense when you try out the steps!
23 November 2015 18:36

We are currently looking at this. Please feel free to ask for updates in this topic if you won't hear from us soon.
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
25 November 2015 19:14
The issue is fixed. Wait for the release.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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