unlogic reflections

21 November 2014 10:24
I tried to play with mirror/reflections.

Currently the reflections are not very logic/normal.
What should I do to get them better?

Model Web Page
Source .blend
21 November 2014 12:12
As said in documentation, dynamic reflection works only on planes: mirrors, water, etc. So on 3d objects it looks very strangely :)
I recommend to use matcap or enviroment map with objects like this

Btw I really recommend to re-model (or change topology) so you can apply smooth shading without problem - flat shading works not very good with those maps (looks like disco ball) Well, you can increase subsurfs, too


(this matcap is just for the example, it won't affect HTML)
04 June 2015 11:36
For the record: dynamic cube-mapped reflections were implemented in version 15.05
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